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Payment and Benefits  

Updated:2003 - 10 - 16

Feng Chia University Provides First-rate Remuneration
To Attract First-rate Talent

  Highest Pay


New faculty at or above the rank of Assistant Professorship enjoy a two-hour reduction in their weekly teaching hours for a period of two years.

  Extra Rewards


1.Bonuses are given yearly to faculty and staff with outstanding performance in teaching, research, or design of teaching materials.

2.Bonuses are given yearly to faculty with outstanding tutoring services.



Attendance at training/research activities and international conferences is subsidized.

  Retirement Benefits Exceeding Private Universities


1.Besides the regular private university retirement plan, Feng Chia offers a matching retirement fund.  

2.Feng Chia gives monetary gift to retired staff over seventy years old during every Chinese New Year holidays.

  Familial Benefits


1.Tuition is waived for children of faculty and staff attending Feng Chia with average term grades above 70. 

  Health Benefits


1.On top of the National Insurance, Feng Chia provides free life insurance (1 million NT) and accident insurance (1.5 million NT). 

2.Subsidized physical exams are offered yearly. 

3.Feng Chia provides free training to encourage activities enhancing physical fitness. 

4.Feng Chia subsidizes group outings to encourage recreational activities.





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