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Environment and Resources  

Updated:2004 - 02 - 23

  Feng Chia has Top Location


  Our school is located in Taichung, close to both highways and the Central Science Park. The climate is pleasant and the campuses easily accessible. Our third campus is within the Park itself, which will be a focus for nanotechnology, precision machinery, electro-information, aerospace, and biotechnology. Our science faculty will have abundant opportunities to cooperate with industries in the Park and cultivate technological talents for central Taiwan.

  Feng Chia has the Most Developed Information Infrastructure
  Feng Chia's Information Infrastructure is the best in Taiwan. We were the first to provide a wireless network and the only school with a digitalized office system. Our library is the only one with a digital circulation system and it has the largest on-line library. We use a multi-functional IC card. The faculty are provided with intensive IT training to help them in their teaching and research.

  Feng Chia has the Best Research Environment


  We have a strong research service team which includes the Office of Technology Licensing, the Business Incubation Center, the Precision Instrument Support Center, the Information and Electrical Engineering Facilities Management Center, the Computer Resource Center, the Survey Research Center, the Electronic Commerce Research Institute, the Research Center for Energy and Resources, the Geographic Information Systems Research Center, and the Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center. They provide services for copyrighting, authorization, industry cooperation and equipment. We encourage cross disciplinary work and allocate generous amounts for group and individual research and our results have been outstanding.

  Feng Chia has Abundant Teaching Resources


  We have units supporting integrative teaching and equipment. These include the only TOEFL and TOEIC center in central Taiwan, the Center of Digital Media Production, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Computer Resource Center, and the E Learning Platform. Each department has its own lab besides the school's multimedia lab. The campus is also equipped with a wireless network.

   Feng Chia has the Friendliest Campus
  Our campus is designed with elegant scenery. We have modern facilities for offices, classrooms, labs, and recreation. Our Art Center holds year round exhibits, exemplifying our humanistic tradition. Our beliefs in "Loving Teachers and Respectful Students" and "A Courteous Feng Chia" has shaped a uniquely friendly campus.
Feng Chia has the Best Review 


  We are one of the largest comprehensive universities in Taiwan. Our motto of "Loyalty, Diligence, Sincerity, Sturdiness" and our creed of complete human education guides us in cultivating students in both learning and character, specialization and general knowledge. We have laid a solid foundation over the years and we have often been rated as the best among private universities by the Ministry of Education. Our copy-righted inventions, technological transfers and papers published in international journals are also among the top in private universities.

  Feng Chia has the Most Tight-knit Alumni Corps


We have alumni that they have become the backbone of government agencies and private industry. Our alumni corps is well organized and cooperates closely with our school, contributing greatly as part of our human resource.





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