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Chapter 2: Developing an EAServer Application

Developing an EAServer application

There are three basic steps involved in creating and deploying an EAServer application that employs a Java applet as a client. For information on other types of EAServer clients, see the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

StepsCreating and deploying an EAServer application

  1. Use EAServer Manager to define packages, components, and methods. EAServer Manager generates:

  2. Once you have generated the stubs and skeletons, write the user interface logic for the client model that you have chosen.

    Develop the server-side components that link with the skeletons to form the business logic of your servlet. EAServer supports many of the integrated development environment (IDE) tools available today.

  3. Deploy the application. You can register components on any EAServer installation. Because EAServer is also a Web server, you can write an HTML page for your applet and install it on EAServer.

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