Chapter 3: EAServer Components  Enterprise JavaBeans components

Chapter 3: EAServer Components


EAServer components contain the methods that execute business logic and access data sources. The EAServer server-side component support and client-side stub or proxy support are independent. Any EAServer client can execute any type of component. A component of any model can execute components of another model using intercomponent calls without the use of additional gateway software.

Server-side component support

EAServer provides support for several major component models, including:

Client stub and proxy support

Applications invoke an EAServer component using a stub or proxy object. The stub or proxy acts as a local surrogate for the remote component; it provides the same method signatures as the component and hides the details of remote server communication. Stubs and proxies are available for:


CORBA is a distributed component architecture defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). EAServer supports the CORBA IIOP.

For information on the CORBA architecture, see the specifications available at the OMG Web site.

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