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Chapter 3: EAServer Components

CORBA-C++ components

EAServer provides a CORBA-compatible C++ client-side interface. This allows you to create CORBA EAServer C++ applications. C++ components and clients are also interoperable with clients and components using other technologies.

The dynamic invocation interface (DII) is not supported.

Defining components

Use EAServer Manager to define basic information (such as the component name and methods) about a C++ component, and generate files that are required to write the component’s class implementation and to compile the class into a dynamic link library (on Windows) or shared library (on UNIX).

Write your component as a C++ class; the generated files include a class implementation template in which you can write your method logic. In addition, EAServer supplies an application programming interface that contains classes and methods that you can use to perform EAServer-specific tasks. You can use the EAServer API to write code to handle errors, cache connections to third-tier database servers, return result sets, manage transactions, share data between instances of the same component, retrieve a client’s SSL certificate information, and make intercomponent calls.

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