Chapter 1: Introducing EAServer  EAServer execution engine

Chapter 1: Introducing EAServer


EAServer is an application server, which includes an integrated set of development tools that you use to deploy Web applications that support high-volume traffic, dynamic content, and intensive online transaction processing. The EAServer product set includes PowerDynamo and Adaptive Server Anywhere.

EAServer provides a framework for deploying the middle-tier logic of distributed component-based applications.

EAServer simplifies the creation and administration of Internet applications that service thousands of clients simultaneously. EAServer components execute on the middle-tier between end-user client applications and remote databases. EAServer provides efficient management of client sessions, security, threads, third-tier database connections, and transaction flow, without requiring specialized knowledge on the part of the component developer.

EAServer’s scalability and platform independence allow you to develop your application on inexpensive single-processor machines, then deploy the application on an enterprise-grade multiprocessor server.

EAServer provides the following features:

The following sections explain these features in detail.

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