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Chapter 3: EAServer Components

PowerBuilder components

Using PowerBuilder, you can create nonvisual objects (NVOs) that run natively in EAServer as EAServer components. You can also create NVO proxies for EAServer components, then use the proxies in PowerBuilder client applications. Inside EAServer, PowerBuilder components run in the PowerBuilder Virtual Machine (PBVM), which allows the EAServer component dispatcher to call the methods in your NVO component.

The PowerBuilder integrated development environment (IDE) includes wizards to create and deploy components, and generate proxies for use in PowerBuilder based client applications. For details, see the Application Techniques manual in the PowerBuilder documentation.

The PowerBuilder IDE runs on Windows platforms, but you can deploy PowerBuilder components to EAServer on any platform for which a compatible PBVM is available, including most UNIX platforms. For more information, see the EAServer Release Bulletin for your platform.

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