Chapter 6: Using Message Bridge for Java with EAServer  Using Message Bridge

Chapter 6: Using Message Bridge for Java with EAServer

Message Bridge overview

Message Bridge is a powerful tool you can use to build applications that generate and consume documents and messages. It generates Java classes that can be used as part of an EAServer component to assist in parsing and constructing XML documents that conform to a known schema. It includes:

Message Bridge helps you build applications that make use of structured messages, such as XML documents or messages exchanged between enterprise systems or business partners through New Era of Network adapters, using EAServer components. Message Bridge improves your productivity by modeling the schema of a document or message as Java classes. When used in an EAServer application, these classes provide an intuitive way to access and manipulate message content in memory, and to read and write messages to and from the network.

Message Bridge provides a schema compiler that binds a document or message schema into Java classes. Each class provides access to the data content of the corresponding schema component through accessor (get) and mutator (set) methods similar to those used in standard JavaBeans. Because these classes model the data content of a document or message instance, they are called DataBeans. In short, a DataBean is a Java binding of a particular schema.

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