Message Bridge overview  Message Bridge and EAServer architecture

Chapter 6: Using Message Bridge for Java with EAServer

Using Message Bridge

Using the Message Bridge GUI, you can import two types of schemas: DTDs and XML. Message Bridge converts the imported schemas into neutral representations that you can modify, enhance, and group into projects with other related schemas.

Then you can generate DataBeans for the individual schema definitions you select. These DataBean classes abstract the data contained in documents or messages. Each DataBean leverages shared runtime classes—the DataBean framework—to perform its functions: serializing and deserializing content from the data stream, validating content, and providing a read/write in-memory representation of message data.

During design, Message Bridge also generates artifacts to assist you in using DataBeans in your applications. These artifacts—XML DTDs, XML schemas, and HTML documentation for DataBeans—facilitate development in various ways. For example, the XML DTD and schema provide you with content model descriptions of each DataBean. By using these content models, you can use your own XML-based tools, easily modeling runtime systems based on XML data authoring, manipulation, and transmission. The HTML documentation provides Java developers with a detailed view of each particular DataBean’s content model.

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