Using EAServer Manager  Chapter 2: Creating CORBA Java Components and Clients

Chapter 1: Getting Started with EAServer

Shutting down, restarting, or refreshing the server

Some tutorial steps require that you restart, refresh, or shut down the server. From EAServer Manager, you can:

You must be connected to a server to refresh, shut down, or restart that server. You can also shut down servers outside of EAServer Manager as described in “Shutting down without using EAServer Manager”.

StepsShutting down, refreshing, or restarting using EAServer Manager

You must be connected to the target server to perform these procedures.

  1. Expand the Servers folder, then highlight the icon for the server to which you are connected, for example, Jaguar.

  2. Use the File menu to perform the required operation:

StepsShutting down without using EAServer Manager

You can use this procedure if you are running the server in the foreground in its own console or terminal window. If you are running the server in the background or as a Windows service, shut down using the procedures described in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

  1. Use the system-specific window control to close the window in which the server is running. For example:

    On UNIX you can also kill the server process by placing the input cursor inside the window’s text area and pressing Ctrl+C.

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