Listener tuning  Factors that affect start-up and shutdown time

Chapter 2: Server Tuning

Operating system settings

These operating system settings can affect EAServer performance. For additional information on system requirements, see the EAServer Release Bulletin for your platform.

UNIX file descriptors

On UNIX, concurrent client connections to EAServer are limited by the operating system limit for the number of file descriptors that can be opened in one process. Before you start the server, set the file descriptor limit in the shell where you will start the server. For example, to set the limit to 1024:

  1. Use a text editor to open the bin/ file.

  2. Below the first comment block, add this line:

    ulimit -n 1024

See your UNIX documentation for more details on the ulimit command.

Per-process memory limits

On some systems, the default configuration limits the memory available to the server. You may need to raise the limit to make best use of memory intensive features such as caching or a large Java heap. For more information, see:

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