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Chapter 2: Server Tuning

Factors that affect start-up and shutdown time

These settings affect how long it takes to shut down and restart the server.

Start-up performance

These settings affect how long it takes the server to start, that is, the time between starting the process and when the server is ready to accept connections:

Shutdown performance

These settings affect how long it takes the server to shut down.

Pooled component destruction

EAServer explicitly destroys pooled component instances before the server shuts down. This allows you to perform cleanup operations in your component, such as closing database connections. You can set the following server and component properties to change this behavior:

Set these properties on the Advanced tab in the Server Properties or Component Properties dialog boxes.

Servlet destruction

EAServer calls each servlet’s destroy method before shutting down or after you have refreshed or stopped the servlet using EAServer Manager. If service calls are still active, the Destroy Timeout setting specifies the number of seconds that the server should wait for the service calls to return before calling the destroy method. The default behavior specifies that the server wait indefinitely for service calls to return. You can specify a finite timeout by setting these properties:

To specify a timeout, set the property to a positive integer, which specifies the number of seconds to wait. The default is 0, which specifies that EAServer calls destroy immediately.

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