Chapter 4: EJB CMP Tuning  Creating and tuning database tables

Chapter 4: EJB CMP Tuning

Generated entity bean subclasses

Beginning in EAServer 4.1.3, you can use the “Generated Class” option for EJB 1.1 and 2.0 CMP entity beans. This option offers better performance than the “Automatic Persistence” option, since the interaction between the storage component and the CMP implementation is more direct. If you import CMP entity beans from an EJB-JAR file, the “Generated Class” option is enabled by default. For existing CMP entity beans, you can configure it manually as described below.

To configure the “Generated Class” option in EAServer Manager:

  1. Display the Persistence/General subtab in EAServer Manager.

  2. Choose Generated Class for the Persistence option.

  3. Optionally enter a class name for the generated subclass in the Generated Class field. If you do not specify a class name, the default is:


    Where java-package is the Java package of the implementation class, package is the EAServer package name, and component is the component name.

  4. Configure the other Persistence tab options as described for Automatic Persistence in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide. Click OK to save the properties.

  5. Generate (or regenerate) skeletons for the component. EAServer generates the specified subclass.

To configure this option using jagtool or an EAServer XML configuration file, set these component properties:

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