Chapter 19: Creating ActiveX Components  Defining ActiveX components

Chapter 19: Creating ActiveX Components

Procedure for creating ActiveX components

Begin by writing an ActiveX component in an ActiveX-enabled IDE. After you have defined the method prototypes (ActiveX type definitions), use EAServer Manager to import the component, which includes method prototypes and basic component information (such as the component’s name); specify additional component properties in EAServer Manager. This allows another developer to create a client that calls the component’s methods. You can also use EAServer Manager to define a component, but you will still have to use an ActiveX-enabled IDE to create the component—you cannot use EAServer Manager to export the component to an ActiveX-enabled IDE.

In the ActiveX-enabled IDE, write the method logic for the ActiveX component. The ActiveX component must support the IDispatch interface and cannot contain a user interface. In addition to writing code for standard ActiveX features, you can also write code to implement EAServer-specific features such as error handling, database connection caches, result sets, transactions, intercomponent calls, and data sharing.

After you finish writing the ActiveX component, compile the component into a dynamic link library (DLL) and install (copy and register) it onto the server. See your ActiveX IDE documentation for compilation instructions.

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