Writing ActiveX components  Chapter 20: Creating ActiveX Clients

Chapter 19: Creating ActiveX Components

Deploying ActiveX components

To deploy an ActiveX component to EAServer:

  1. Copy the ActiveX component and any other required DLLs to any directory on the EAServer machine.

  2. Register the ActiveX component into the Windows Registry by entering this command from the MS-DOS Command Prompt window:

    regsvr32 path\MyActiveXComponent


    path is the full path name to the directory where the ActiveX component resides.

    MyActiveXComponent is the file name of the ActiveX component.

  3. If the component interface has not been defined in EAServer Manager, import the DLL or type library into EAServer Manager. See “Importing ActiveX components” for more information.

Most ActiveX development environments register component DLLs when they are built. If your server runs on the machine where you developed the component, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

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