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Chapter 21: Creating Web Applications

Creating Web applications

You can create Web applications in EAServer Manager or any J2EE-compliant development tool that produces standard Web archive (WAR) files.

Using EAServer Manager, you can create a Web application that contains existing static files, servlets, and JSPs, and specifies the properties necessary for them to work together. If you are using another development tool, you can import the WAR file into EAServer Manager as described in Chapter 9, “Importing and Exporting Application Components,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

If you use PowerBuilder, you can create JSPs and deploy them to EAServer in a WAR file. See the PowerBuilder Working with Web and JSP Targets manual for more information.

StepsCreating a Web application in EAServer Manager

  1. Highlight the Web Applications folder and choose File | New Web Application. Enter a name for the application.

  2. If necessary, create the servlets and JSPs that your application requires. For more information, see:

  3. Configure the deployment descriptor. See “Configuring Web application properties”.

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