Configuring Web application properties  Using Java extensions

Chapter 21: Creating Web Applications

The EASDefault Web application

Beginning with EAServer 5.1, all Web pages that are not part of a Web application are implicitly assigned to the EASDefault Web application. You can configure the properties for EASDefault the same as you do for other Web applications—see “Configuring Web application properties”.

Initially, the context path for EASDefault is “/”, and the WEB-INF directory is created under $JAGUAR/html. You can change the context path by setting the property on the Advanced tab of the Server Properties dialog box. For more information, see in Appendix B, “Repository Properties Reference,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

NoteYou can change the context path of any Web application to “/”, but if another Web application uses “/” as its context path, you must change the EASDefault context path to something else.

When users access http://host:port/, EAServer invokes the welcome page of the Web application whose context path is “/”. Because the EASDefault welcome page is index.html and the context path is “/”, EAServer invokes $JAGUAR/html/index.html. To change this behavior, you can either:

If a Web application is specified by the property when you upgrade to EAServer 5.1, EAServer sets this Web application’s context path to “/” and changes the EASDefault context path to “/EASDefault.” The property is supported for backward compatibility, but it is read only once, the first time you log in to EAServer 5.1. If you change the value of this property after you log in to EAServer 5.1, the change has no effect.

Standalone servlets are part of the EASDefault context, but must be specified by the property to be accessible in this context. The value of must be a comma-separated list of servlet names that are defined in the repository.

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