Chapter 4: Defining Components  Installing components

Chapter 4: Defining Components

Defining components

You can define components in EAServer Manager, Sybase PowerBuilder, or an EJB-compatible Java development tool such as Borland JBuilder.

PowerBuilder components are installed into EAServer using the PowerBuilder user interface. After a PowerBuilder component is installed in EAServer, you can view the settings in EAServer Manager. Sybase recommends that you edit all PowerBuilder component settings from PowerBuilder so that the EAServer component definition remains in sync with the PowerBuilder object definition and project settings. See the Application Techniques manual in the PowerBuilder documentation for more information.

If you are developing EJB components using Jakarta Ant or a Java IDE, you can deploy them to EAServer in an EJB-JAR file. The EJB-JAR format is specified by the EJB specification and allows portability between different J2EE-based application servers. EJB-JAR files can be deployed using EAServer Manager, jagtool or jagant, or the EAServer plug-in for Borland JBuilder. Chapter 9, “Importing and Exporting Application Components,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide describes how to import EJB-JAR files. If you follow this process, most all component properties are configured properly to match the deployment descriptor provided with the EJB-JAR file. The exceptions are properties that depend on the server environment, such as resource, environment, or EJB reference properties.

StepsDefining components in EAServer Manager

  1. Decide how you will define the component interface. Your options are:



    Importing a compiled Java file

    EAServer Manager reads method definitions from a compiled Java class or interface. “Importing interfaces from compiled Java files” describes this feature in detail.

    Importing an ActiveX file

    EAServer Manager reads the interface definition from your ActiveX DLL or a separate ActiveX type library file. “Importing ActiveX components” describes this feature in detail.

    Defining the interface manually

    You can define methods manually using EAServer Manager graphical controls or by creating the interface in an IDL file.

    If you import from an ActiveX or Java file, skip to step 3. (The import process installs the component and sets the properties on the General tab in the Component Properties window.)

  2. Install the component in an EAServer package. See “Installing components” for more information.

  3. Configure the settings in the Component Properties window, as described in “Configuring component properties”.

NoteComponent name limitations Components in a package must have unique names that differ in ways other than letter case. For example, you cannot install two components named MyComp and mycomp in the same package. The maximum number of characters you can use to define the component’s name is 227. You can use any characters in the name except these:

 \ / : ; , * ? " < > |

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