Using Connection Manager routines in C, C++, and ActiveX components  Connection Manager guidelines

Chapter 26: Using Connection Management

Using cached connections in PowerBuilder components

This section briefly summarizes how to create PowerBuilder components that interact with the EAServer Connection Manager. For detailed instructions on using cached connections in PowerBuilder, see the Application Techniques manual in the PowerBuilder documentation.

To make sure that your PowerBuilder components use a cached connection, first use EAServer Manager to verify that a matching cache is defined.

In your component, you can obtain cached database connections using standard PowerBuilder techniques for opening a connection. When you open a connection, EAServer’s PowerBuilder dispatcher checks whether a cache exists with matching values for user name, password, and connectivity library. If a matching cache exists, your component receives a connection from the cache. Likewise, when you use standard PowerBuilder techniques to close the connection, EAServer places it back in the cache for reuse.

For finer control over the use of connection caches, you can set the following DBParm settings before opening a connection:

For information on these options, see the DBParm documentation in the PowerBuilder online help.

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