Defining components  Configuring component properties

Chapter 4: Defining Components

Installing components

Your component must be installed in a package before it can be run by applications. Components that have the same name but are installed in different packages are different components; modifying or deleting one does not effect the other.

StepsCreating a new component and installing it to a package

  1. Double-click the Packages folder to expand it, or if the package is installed in a server, expand the server’s Installed Packages folder.

  2. Highlight the package to which the component will be added.

  3. Select File | Install Component from the menu.

  4. In the Component Wizard dialog box, select Define New Component, and click Next.

  5. Enter the component name in the Enter New Component Name dialog box, and click Finish.

    The Component Properties window displays.

  6. Configure the settings as described in “Configuring component properties”.

The new component appears in the package’s list of installed components, and the Component Properties window displays.

StepsRenaming a component

  1. Highlight the component and choose Rename, then enter the new name.

StepsCopying and pasting components

Use copy/paste to copy a component’s definition to another package.

  1. Highlight the icon for the component to be copied.

  2. Choose File | Copy Component.

  3. Highlight the icon for the package to which you want to copy the component.

  4. Choose File | Paste Component.

EAServer Manager installs a copy of the component’s definition into the specified package. You can modify the new component’s properties without affecting the original. However, the copied and original definitions refer to the same IDL interfaces and implementation files.

StepsDeleting a component

  1. Expand the EAServer package that contains the component.

  2. Highlight the component you want to delete.

  3. Select File | Remove Component from the menu.

When you delete a component, EAServer Manager does not delete the IDL interfaces and types that were used by the component. If you are sure that the component’s interface and types are not used by any other component, you can delete unused types as described in “Editing IDL types, exceptions, and interfaces”. Alternatively, you can delete the package in which the component is installed and specify full deletion as described in “Modifying packages”.

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