Configuring an entity’s custom class list  Chapter 31: Using the Message Service

Chapter 30: Configuring Custom Java Class Lists

Troubleshooting class loader configuration issues

This section presents additional information that can be useful when diagnosing class loader configuration problems.

Commonly encountered problems

Common problems encountered in the custom class list configuration include:

Custom class loader tracing

To troubleshoot class loader problems, you can enable custom class loader tracing by setting the server property to true using the Advanced tab in the Server Properties dialog box.

JAR file locking and copying

JAR files that are in the server’s CLASSPATH setting are locked while in use by the system class loader. Consequently, on some platforms such as Windows, you cannot update or overwrite the JAR file while the server is running. To verify the server’s CLASSPATH setting, connect to the server with EAServer Manager and check the value in the General tab of the Server Properties dialog box, or connect to the server with jagtool and check the value of the server property

To allow refresh of JAR files that are custom loaded, each class loader instance works with a copy of the JAR files that it has loaded. Copies are created in subdirectories of the EAServer work/server-name/tempjars subdirectory, where server-name is the name of your server. EAServer deletes these directories and files when you restart the server.

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