Chapter 34: Creating and Using EAServer Pseudocomponents  Creating pseudocomponents

Chapter 34: Creating and Using EAServer Pseudocomponents

Benefits of pseudocomponents

For cross-language development, pseudocomponents offer the benefit of a component-based architecture without incurring network overhead. For example, you can call methods in a C++ pseudocomponent from Java programs without the use of Java Native Interface (JNI) calls.

Since pseudocomponents are executed locally, in the same process, they do not incur the network overhead of client/server communication. When used in EAServer, pseudocomponents avoid the small thread- and context-management overhead incurred when the EAServer component dispatcher executes intercomponent calls.

However, pseudocomponents are not suitable for applications that require the transaction control, threading control, security constraints, instance lifecycle management, or other services provided by the EAServer component dispatcher.

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