Chapter 36: Configuring Java XML Parser Support  Exporting and importing application clients

Chapter 36: Configuring Java XML Parser Support

Configuring JAXP properties in EAServer Manager

JAXP provides a plugin model for XML parser classes. You can configure the parser implementation used by your application code. A JAXP 1.1 properties window will appear in each of the following EAServer Manager configuration modules:

The JAXP properties window allows you to choose which JAXP factory implementation to use for the SAXParserFactory, DocumentBuilderFactory, and TransformerFactory. For each of these factories, you can choose from the following options:

NotePrecedence of JAXP properties The parser configuration at the highest level has precedence. For example, if you configure a parser at the server level, the server setting specifies the parser used in all components and Web applications running on that server. To prevent overriding the settings of child entities, specify the Not Configured setting in parent entities.

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