Creating invocation commands  Using MASP from isql

Appendix A: Executing Methods As Stored Procedures


Components that save state between method calls using the continueWork and disallowCommit primitives will not work as expected. (See Chapter 2, “Understanding Transactions and Component Lifecycles” for more information on state primitives).

Each MASP method invocation creates a component instance, invokes the method, and then destroys the component instance. Since every MASP invocation creates a new instance to invoke a method on, you cannot set an instance’s state with consecutive MASP invocations. For these reasons, there is no practical support for calling stateful components or EJB entity Beans from MASP.

MASP clients can call EJB stateless session Beans, as long as the Bean’s home interface has a create method with no parameters.

MASP clients cannot call component methods named invoke.

Due to ODBC driver limitations, string or binary values sent to a client that connects through ODBC cannot be greater than 255 bytes in length. This applies to both inout parameters and to columns in a result set.

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