Limitations  Using MASP from application builder tools

Appendix A: Executing Methods As Stored Procedures

Using MASP from isql

Using the MASP interface, you can use isql to quickly test methods. For example, the following command invokes the getMajors method in the SVUEnrollment component in the SVU package:

1> exec SVU.SVUEnrollment.getMajors
2> go
 --- ----------------
 Eng English         
 Phy Physics         
 Ant Anthropology    

To call a method that returns a value, specify an empty first parameter (this creates a placeholder for EAServer to send the return value back to isql). For example, to call the Jaguar::Management::getenv method, which takes an environment variable name as its only parameter and returns the value of the specified environment variable:

1> exec Jaguar.Management.getenv "" , "JAGUAR"
2> go
(return status = 1)

Return parameters:

If you are using isql with a multi-byte character set, you should specify that character set using the isql -J option. For example, the following command sets the isql codeset to the sjis codeset.

isql -Usa -P -Sjaguar -Jsjis

Because EAServer does not support languages, the isql -z option is not valid nor can you set the client machine’s LANG environment variable to a language other than US English.

NoteThis section applies to any client that sends a MASP request as a Transact-SQL command.

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