Using MASP from isql  Configuring the return status

Appendix A: Executing Methods As Stored Procedures

Using MASP from application builder tools

Using MASP, you can invoke EAServer component methods that can execute Sybase stored procedures.

NoteSome application builder tools might not be able to use MASP if they issue metadata queries against EAServer.


You can connect to EAServer, create a stored procedure DataWindow, and get a list of available methods. You can pick one of these, create a DataWindow with it, and then when you execute the DataWindow, results from the method are displayed in the window.

Note that you must manually specify the format of the result sets and the expected parameters. As with all stored procedure DataWindows, these are read-only.


You can execute methods on an EAServer component as if they were stored procedures, and use the script’s capabilities of dynamic table generation to display the results in an HTML table.

Other tools

You should be able to use MASP in other tool environments as well. Any tool that uses one of the following communication drivers and allows stored procedure execution should be able to use MASP:

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