Using MASP from application builder tools  Appendix B: Migrating Open Server Applications to EAServer

Appendix A: Executing Methods As Stored Procedures

Configuring the return status

The stored procedure return status of the MASP call reflects the status of the call. By default, the following status values are returned:

You can configure your server to reverse the meanings of the status value by setting the server property A value of false, the default, indicates the status values have the meanings described above. A value of true indicates that the meanings of 0 and 1 are reversed.

Set the property in EAServer Manager as follows:

  1. Display the properties for the server by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Server Properties from the popup menu.

  2. Click on the Advanced tab

  3. If is displayed, highlight it and click Modify. Edit the displayed value and click Ok.

  4. If is not displayed, click Add. Enter the property name and the value, then click Ok.

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