Appendix B: Migrating Open Server Applications to EAServer  Coding changes and examples

Appendix B: Migrating Open Server Applications to EAServer

Migration overview

Migrating your Open Server applications allows you to take advantage of EAServer features such as:

To migrate an Open Server application to EAServer, the application must be built as a shared object or a DLL (on Windows) instead of a binary. The shared object contains all of the Open Server event handler code currently residing in the application code.

To migrate your Open Server applications to EAServer:

  1. Modify your Open Server code to run in EAServer by:

  2. Once you have modified your code, create and build one or more DLLs or shared objects consisting of your event handlers. Refer to “DLLs, shared objects, and makefiles” for more information.

  3. Using EAServer Manager:


EAServer does not support DCE or Kerberos.

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