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Appendix B: Migrating Open Server Applications to EAServer

EAServer configuration

After you have modified your Open Server application and have built your DLLs or shared objects, you need to register your event handlers and configure an Open Server port using EAServer Manager. This section discusses:

Installing event handlers

EAServer fully supports all Open Server event handlers. The only difference is that instead of creating a binary file linking the DLL or shared object, you create a DLL or shared object consisting of your event handlers and then specify the location of this file using EAServer Manager (instead of specifying them in the code).

Specifying event handlers

To specify an event handler from EAServer Manager:

  1. Double-click the Servers folder.

  2. Highlight the server for which you are specifying the event handler.

  3. Select File | Server Properties.

  4. Select the Handlers tab.

  5. Enter the DLL or shared library name and the function name of the specific event handler being called, separated by a colon.

    The following examples illustrate an entry for a connect event handler for Solaris and Windows:

    Table B-1 summarizes the types of event handlers that you can install. For information on coding event handlers, refer to“Additional event handler information” and your Open Server documentation.

    Table B-1: Individual server event handlers

    Event handler



    Each time a client connects to EAServer


    When the client disconnects from EAServer


    When an Open Server processing error occurs


    Before starting EAServer


    After initialization, but before accepting client requests


    When a request to stop the server is made


    When a client sends a language request, such as a SQL statement


    When a client issues a remote procedure call


    When an attention had been received. An attention is an immediate event; EAServer services the attention as soon as it occurs, rather than adding it to the client’s event queue


    When a client sends a cursor request


    When a client sends a dynamic SQL request


    When the client sends a message


    When a client sends an option command


    When a client issues a bulk copy request

Configuring an Open Server listener

To support Open Server clients, you must install a listener in your server that supports Open Server clients. The listener must use protocol TDS and the “Enable Open Server Events” option must be enabled. If you are using the preconfigured Jaguar server, the Jaguar_OpenServer listener supports Open Server connections. Refer to Chapter 3, “Creating and Configuring Servers,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide for more information about listeners.

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