Requirements  Define component interface and properties

Appendix C: Creating C Components

Procedure for creating C components

To create C components:

  1. Define component interface and properties – using EAServer Manager, specify the component’s name, DLL name, method prototypes, transactional semantics, and threading model.

  2. Generate C component files – C component files are the C source files that are compiled into the C component. At this time, you generate UNIX and Windows makefiles as well as Visual C++ module definition files. You use UNIX and Windows makefiles to compile the C component files into C components.

  3. Write C components – write the method logic in the method definition for the method implementation template files.

  4. Compile C components – compile and link the method prototypes header file, the method implementation template files, and method skeletons file to create a dynamic link library (DLL) or UNIX shared library.

  5. Install C Components – copy the DLL or shared library to the cpplib directory of the EAServer installation.

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