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Appendix D: Using the Command Line IDL Compiler

You can use EAServer’s command-line IDL compiler to generate stubs, skeletons, and ActiveX type library and registration files. You can also use EAServer Manager to perform these tasks. The command-line compiler is useful in environments where the generation of files must be automated.

NoteDo you know about jagtool and jagant? The jagtool utility, provided in EAServer 4.0 and later versions, also supports stub and skeleton generation from the command line, as well as common management tasks such as setting component properties. The jagant utility provides the same functionality, but can be run from Jakarta Ant build files. For more information, see Chapter 12, “Using jagtool and jagant,” the EAServer System Administration Guide.


The IDL compiler must be run from EAServer installation that contains the configuration repository for your components. The IDL compiler is a Java application and must be run by a version 1.2 or later Java virtual machine. These EAServer JAR files must be in the CLASSPATH:

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