Serializing and deserializing bean proxies  Chapter 9: EAServer EJB Interoperability

Chapter 8: Creating Enterprise JavaBeans Clients

Runtime requirements

EJB clients require JDK 1.2 or later. If running applets, make sure your browser supports JDK 1.2. Most browsers require Sun’s Java Plug-in to support JDK 1.2.

At run time, the following EAServer JAR files must be in the CLASSPATH for Java applications and included with the class files for applets:

Unlike earlier versions, EAServer 4.0 does not provide runtime class files in the html/classes directory. To run applets, you must include the JAR files in the applet’s ARCHIVE tag, or expand these JAR files to the html/classes directory.

Chapter 4, “Creating Enterprise JavaBeans Components and Clients,” in the EAServer Cookbook provides tutorial that describes how to deploy EJB clients and components.

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