Configuring application client properties  Chapter 11: Creating CORBA Java Components

Chapter 10: Creating Application Clients

Running application clients

To run an application client on a client machine:

Setting up a client’s workstation

To set up a client’s workstation, install the EAServer client runtime files, as described in the EAServer Installation Guide for your platform. UNIX scripts and Windows batch files are provided to configure and launch the container runtime, as described below.

Starting the runtime container

The runtime container enables the application client to look up EJB and resource references. The container also provides security and authenticates the client when the application is started.

Run application clients using the script runclient.bat (on Windows) or (on UNIX). Application clients require JDK 1.3 or later.

Use these options to define the runtime parameters:



- client

Application client JAR file

- name

Client’s name

- login

Displays a login dialog to authenticate the client

This example illustrates the command-line syntax to start an application client’s runtime container, where my_appclient.jar is the name of the application client JAR file and my_client is the name of the client. On Windows, the command is:

%JAGUAR%\bin\runclient -client my_appclient.jar -name my_client -login

On UNIX, the command is:

$JAGUAR/bin/ -client my_appclient.jar -name my_client -login

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