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Chapter 11: Creating CORBA Java Components

Define the component interface and properties

The definition of a Java component specifies the interfaces that the component implements as well as its other properties.

Defining the client interfaces

All component interfaces for EAServer components are defined in CORBA IDL modules that are stored in EAServer’s IDL repository. Chapter 5, “Defining Component Interfaces” describes how to define IDL interfaces.

Java component developers typically use one of the following to define the interface or interfaces that their component implements:

NoteIf you have an IDL interface If you are starting with an IDL interface rather than an existing class file, you can use EAServer Manager to create a class that contains the necessary method declarations. See “Generate stub, skeleton, and implementation files” for more information.

Choose a control interface

Optionally configure a control interface for the component. Using a control interface allows you to implement methods to respond to changes in the instance lifecycle. See “Configuring a control interface” for more information.

Specify component properties

In EAServer Manager, the Component Properties window configures the settings that EAServer uses to load the component and invoke its methods. See “Configuring component properties” for more information.

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