Chapter 12: Creating CORBA Java Clients  Procedure for creating CORBA-compatible Java clients

Chapter 12: Creating CORBA Java Clients


CORBA is a distributed component architecture defined by the Object Management Group. EAServer supports the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). EAServer also provides a CORBA-compatible client-side interface that is implemented according to the CORBA specification for IDL-to-Java language mappings. These two items allow you to create CORBA-compliant Java applications and applets that interact with EAServer components.

About CORBA Java language bindings

For information on the CORBA architecture, see the specifications available at the Object Management Group (OMG) Web site at

The EAServer Java ORB runtime is implemented according to the CORBA 2.3 specification (specifically, the document IDL to Java Language Mapping Specification, formal/99-07-53). You can download this document from the OMG Web site.

EAServer Java ORB runtime

The Java ORB programming interface is defined by the CORBA Java-language bindings specification. The top-level class, org.omg.CORBA.ORB, is an abstract Java class. Each Java ORB vendor must provide an implementation of this class. For example, the EAServer ORB implementation class is com.sybase.CORBA.ORB. You can use the EAServer ORB or any CORBA-compatible ORB to invoke EAServer components.

In this version, EAServer’s ORB implementation does not support:

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