Chapter 15: Creating CORBA C++ Clients  Generating stubs

Chapter 15: Creating CORBA C++ Clients

Procedure for creating CORBA C++ clients

To create a CORBA C++ client, you write and compile a C++ program that establishes a connection and session with the EAServer ORB, that instantiates a proxy object for the component, and that calls methods in the proxy object. You use EAServer Manager to define the component methods and generate stubs for the components. When the client calls the methods in the proxy objects, the proxy object methods communicate across the network and execute the corresponding methods in the components.

To create CORBA EAServer C++ clients:

  1. Use EAServer Manager to generate stubs (C++ header files). See “Generating stubs”.

  2. Write the C++ source files and include the stubs you created with EAServer Manager. See “Writing CORBA C++ clients”.

  3. Compile the C++ source files. See “Compiling C++ clients” for EAServer-specific requirements for compiling EAServer C++ clients. To learn how to compile your C++ client into an executable in your development environment, see the development environment’s documentation.

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