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Chapter 15: Creating CORBA C++ Clients

Generating stubs

The EAServer ORB implementation class requires stub header files in order to invoke component methods. You generate the stub header files with EAServer Manager and include them in your client source files. The stub header files contain as inline all the component functions, which make calls to the C functions in libjcc.dll. Inline functions allow EAServer to support multiple C++ compilers without having to include separate link libraries for each compiler.

If you are using another ORB implementation class to connect to EAServer, you must export IDL and use the vendor’s IDL compiler to generate stubs that are compatible with that ORB implementation. “Using CORBA ORB implementations other than EAServer” describes how to export IDL files for EAServer components.

StepsGenerating stubs in EAServer Manager

You can generate stub header files from EAServer Manager as follows:

  1. Highlight a component, package, or module as follows:

  2. Select File | Generate Stub/Skeleton. The Generate Stubs & Skeletons wizard displays. Follow the instructions on each page to generate C++ stubs. See the online help for descriptions of any input fields that you do not understand.

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