Chapter 2: ActiveX C++ Interface Reference  List of interfaces

Chapter 2: ActiveX C++ Interface Reference

Header files and link libraries

All the interfaces documented here are defined in jagctx.h. Link information is in libjdispatch.lib. You must include jagctx.h in source code that uses these interfaces, and link libjdispatch.lib when building the DLL. Add the EAServer include subdirectory to your compiler’s header-file search path. Add the EAServer lib subdirectory to your compiler’s library-file search path.

To use the ISharedPropertyGroupManager, ISharedPropertyGroup, and ISharedProperty interfaces, you must include JagSharedProp.h. Additionally, you must include JagSharedProp_i.c in one—and only one—source file for your component DLL. JagSharedProp.h contains interface definitions for the documented interfaces. JagSharedProp_i.c declares symbols that are required by the ActiveX CoCreateInstance routine. (CoCreateInstance is called to create ISharedPropertyGroupManager interface pointers.)

WARNING! If you include JagSharedProp_i.c in more than one source file for your component DLL, you will get duplicate-symbol errors when linking.

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