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Chapter 5: C Routines Reference



Indicate that the component’s work for the current transaction has been successfully completed and is ready to be committed.


void JagCompleteWork();


JagCompleteWork specifies that the component has successfully completed its contribution to the current transaction. The component instance deactivates when control returns from the current component method invocation.

If the component instance is the initiator of the transaction (that is, it was instantiated directly by a base client), then the component dispatcher attempts to commit the transaction. The transaction commits unless the commit is disallowed or vetoed; depending on the components that are participating, this can happen in any of the following ways:

If a component is not transactional, then JagCompletework and JagRollbackWork have the same effect: both cause the component instance to deactivate after the currently executing method returns.

If a method calls none of JagCompleteWork, JagContinueWork, JagDisallowCommit, or JagRollbackWork, the default behavior is that of JagContinueWork.

See also

JagContinueWork, JagDisallowCommit, JagRollbackWork

Chapter 2, “Understanding Transactions and Component Lifecycles,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide

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