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Chapter 5: C Routines Reference



Retrieve the address of C component instance data.


#include <jagpublic.h> 
JagStatus JagGetInstanceData(CS_VOID **datapp);



The address of a pointer to be set to the address of instance data. If no instance data has been installed, the pointer is set to NULL.


JagGetInstanceData returns JAG_SUCCEED unless a serious error occurs, in which case JAG_FAIL is returned.


JagSetInstanceData and JagGetInstanceData allow you to associate data with a particular instance of a C component. For example, you might save a counter and use it to keep track of how many times a particular method has been called.

JagSetInstanceData saves a pointer to component instance data; JagGetInstanceData retrieves the address of the saved data. For an introduction to these routines, see Appendix C, “Creating C Components,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

NoteNote To associate instance data with a C++ component, use class member variables.

See also


Appendix C, “Creating C Components,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide

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