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Chapter 5: C Routines Reference



Query whether the current transaction is doomed to be rolled back or is still viable.


JagBoolean JagIsRollbackOnly()


JAG_TRUE if the current transaction is doomed, in other words, it can never be committed. If executing outside of any transaction, returns JAG_FALSE.


Transactional components that issue intercomponent method calls should call JagIsRollbackOnly afterward to determine whether the current transaction is still viable. If not, the method should clean up and call JagRollbackWork to deactivate the current instance.

Transactions are doomed when a participating component has called JagRollbackWork (or its equivalent if the component is a Java or ActiveX component). Work performed by participating components is rolled back when the root component of the transaction deactivates.

See also

JagInTransaction, JagRollbackWork

Chapter 2, “Understanding Transactions and Component Lifecycles,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide

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