Overview  EAServer Manager

Chapter 2: Sybase Central Overview

Start-up options

You must start Sybase Central first, then connect to EAServer Manager from within it. In an EAServer 5.0 or later installation, Sybase Central is located in $SYBASE/sybcent41. This location enables other Sybase products and multiple EAServer instances to use the same interface installation.

StepsStarting Sybase Central on UNIX

  1. To start Sybase Central, run either of these scripts:

StepsStarting Sybase Central on Windows

  1. Select Start | Programs | Sybase | EAServer | EAServer Manager, or run either of these scripts from a command line:

StepsConnecting to EAServer Manager

To use EAServer Manager, you must be the jagadmin user or have the Admin role.

  1. Select Tools | Connect. A server must be running before Sybase Central can connect to it.

  2. If you are connecting for the first time, use jagadmin as the user name and leave the password blank. Verify the EAServer host and port number, and click Connect. The host and port number correspond to the EAServer host entry and IIOP port number defined in the listener.

    For security, you can establish a password for the jagadmin user—see “Administration password and OS authentication”.

NoteEAServer and EAServer Manager must be the same version You can connect to EAServer version 5.2 from EAServer Manager version 5.2. While you can connect to earlier versions of EAServer from EAServer Manager 5.2, this configuration is not supported, and you may encounter problems. You cannot connect to EAServer 5.2 from earlier versions of EAServer Manager.

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