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Appendix B: Repository Properties Reference

About these reference pages

These reference pages document EAServer properties as they are stored in the configuration repository. Typically, if you configure EAServer using EAServer Manager, you do not need to work with properties in this format. You will edit properties in this format if:

User-defined properties

You can define additional properties that are not listed here. For example, if you are implementing CORBA components, you can define additional properties that are read by the component implementation.

Encrypted properties

If a property name ends in .e, values for the property are encrypted when stored in the EAServer configuration repository. You can use this feature to encrypt user-defined properties. You cannot rename properties that are used internally by EAServer to use encryption, because EAServer will continue to look up the property with the original name.

“See also” headings

Some properties include a section called “See also,” which directs you to a location where you can find more information. Cross-references to other properties within this appendix do not include a page number, because the properties are listed alphabetically. Cross-references to other chapters in this book include either the chapter number or the page number.

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