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Chapter 3: Creating and Configuring Servers

Using Admin mode

You can run servers in Admin mode to perform maintenance on the server without allowing connections from your application end users. In Admin mode, the server accepts connections from EAServer Manager, jagtool, and clients that set the admin ORB option (described further below). A server that is accepting regular client connections is said to be in Ready mode.

In some cases, a server may switch to Admin mode when starting if a configuration problem prevents normal operation. For example:

When the server starts in Admin mode, or switches to Admin mode, it logs a message like this:

The server is in "admin" mode (reason).

where reason is text that describes why the server is in Admin mode. You see a similar message in EAServer Manager when you connect to a server running in Admin mode. With jagtool, you can check whether the server is in Admin mode with the getserverinfo command. In a custom management client, you can call the Jaguar::Management::getStatus() method: a return value of “ready” indicates normal operation. Any other value is text describing the reason the server is in Admin mode.

Putting servers into Admin mode

You can manually switch servers to Admin mode using any of the following techniques:

The server must be restarted to run in Admin mode. You can specify your own reason when placing the server in Admin mode.

Switching to Ready mode

You can switch a server from Admin mode to Ready mode using any of the following techniques:

Unless you manually delete the <servername>.admin file, the server does not require a restart to switch to Ready mode; it begins accepting regular client connections immediately. If the configuration that you performed requires a server restart, do it before switching to Ready mode.

Creating clients that connect to Admin mode servers

A server that is in Admin mode refuses connections from normal clients. To create clients that connect to the server running in Admin mode, you must set the admin ORB option for your client type as described in Table 3-20.

Table 3-20: Setting the admin ORB option

Client type

How to set the property


Set the com.sybase.corba.admin option to true.


Set the com.sybase.ejb.admin option to true.

C++, PowerBuilder, or ActiveX

Before running the program, set the environment variable JAG_ADMIN to true, or set the -admin ORB option to true by passing it on the command line (for ActiveX or C++ only) or by setting it in the ORB initialization options.

Admin mode clients can call any components installed in the server, subject to the standard role-based security restrictions. However, the server accepts Admin mode connections before all normal initialization has completed. Therefore, keep in mind the following caveats when creating or running Admin mode clients:

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