Using Admin mode  Chapter 4: Database Access

Chapter 3: Creating and Configuring Servers

Operating system configuration

StepsConfiguring environment variables

  1. Create a (UNIX) or user_setenv.bat (Windows) file in the EAServer bin subdirectory.

  2. Edit the file and set environment variables such as CLASSPATH, BOOTCLASSPATH, or BOOTLIBRARYPATH here. The file is read when you start the server.

StepsSetting the BOOTCLASSPATH and BOOTLIBRARYPATH variables

When you are running EAServer with JDK 1.3 or later, you may need to edit the BOOTLIBRARYPATH and BOOTCLASSPATH environment variables. You can set these variables in the or user_setenv.bat file.

  1. Set BOOTLIBRARYPATH if you use Java classes that call native code in DLLs or shared libraries. Add the locations of these DLLs or libraries to the BOOTLIBRARYPATH environment variable. The syntax for setting this environment variable is the same as for setting the PATH variable.

  2. Set BOOTCLASSPATH if your EAServer components require Java classes that are not in the standard locations (the html/classes or java/classes subdirectories). For Java components and Web applications, you can also specify classes to be loaded on a per-component or per-Web-application basis. See Chapter 11, “Creating CORBA Java Components,” and Chapter 21, “Creating Web Applications,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide for more information.

StepsSetting the JAGUAR_RANDOMSEED variable

EAServer requires a random seed to initialize the random number generation used in cryptographic algorithms. The data used as the seed for the random number generation depends on your platform. On UNIX machines, EAServer accesses the process, virtual memory, and network statistics. On Windows, EAServer accesses the contents of the HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA Registry entry. If this Registry entry does not exist on your machine, you do not need to add it. You can set the JAGUAR_RANDOMSEED variable to improve EAServer performance without diminishing the randomness of the seeding data.

JAGUAR_RANDOMSEED determines the algorithm as follows:


  1. Identify a file that contains suitably random data, such as the access log of a busy server.

    The file can contain text or binary data, but the contents should change randomly and often. The file must be accessible from the machine and account that are used to run EAServer.

  2. Create a new system environment variable called JAGUAR_RANDOMSEED and set its value to the full path of this file.

  3. Restart the server.

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