Chapter 1: Getting Started  Using EAServer Manager

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Starting the Jaguar server

Before you can develop EAServer applications, you must start the preconfigured Jaguar server.

StepsStarting the preconfigured server in UNIX

  1. Add the location of the X-Windows xterm utility to your path variable. For example:

    set path = ($path /usr/local/SUNWmotif/bin/)
  2. Edit the $JAGUAR/bin/ shell script. Change the JAGUAR variable to the EAServer home directory.

  3. You can run the Jaguar server in different modes, debug and normal, using different Java runtime versions and different Java VMs. Change to the $JAGUAR/bin directory and run the script using this syntax: [-jvmtype classic | client | server] \
    [-jdk13 | -jdk14] [-debug] [-workshop] [-xterm]



    -jvmtype [classic | client | server]

    Specify which Java virtual machine (VM) to use:

    • Classic – classic Java VM.

    • Client – HotSpot Client VM.

    • Server – HotSpot Server VM.

    If you run JDK 1.4, you can choose either of the HotSpot VMs; the default is the HotSpot Client VM. The classic VM is not supported with JDK 1.4.

    On Solaris, if you use JDK 1.3, you can run either of the HotSpot VMs.

    -jdk13 | -jdk14

    Specify the JDK version; the default is 1.3.


    Run the server in debug mode.


    Solaris only – enables in-process debugging in the Workshop debugger. Define the location of the Workshop debugger by setting the WORKSHOP_DIR variable in the file; for example:

    export WORKSHOP_DIR


    Run the server in a new window opened by xterm.

    When you run without any options, the Jaguar server runs with JDK 1.3 and the HotSpot Client VM.

StepsStarting the preconfigured server in Windows

  1. If the preconfigured server is not installed as a Windows service. Select Start | Programs | Sybase | EAServer 5.2. Choose one of these options:

NoteDebug servers Debug-mode servers allow you to remotely debug components from tools that support EAServer component debugging, such as PowerBuilder or PowerJ®. You cannot run the debug server unless you installed the debug libraries and binaries. The debug server cannot run as a Windows service.

To start a user-defined server, you must first create the server. For instructions, see “Creating or deleting a server”.

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