JNDI support  Using an LDAP server with EAServer

Chapter 5: Naming Services

Configuring the EAServer naming service

Use the Naming Service tab on the Server Properties window to set a server’s naming service options. You can use the Naming Service properties to configure a server to be a name server, or point to another server as its name server.

The Naming Service property sheet includes:

For complete information about setting Naming Service properties, see “Naming Service”.

Name binding password security

You can establish password protection on the naming service to allow name binding only from a designated EAServer installation. This prevents unauthorized applications from creating name bindings using an EAServer name server.

To use the name binding password feature, you must set the com.sybase.jaguar.server.CosNaming.bindpassword property for the name server and each server participating in the naming service. You set this property using the Advanced tab in the Server Properties window. The default value is “jaguar.”

All servers participating in the password-protected name service must have the same password as the name server. If the bindpassword property is empty, or does not exist in the property file for a name server, the name server accepts binds from any source.

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