Starting the Jaguar server  Administration password and OS authentication

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Using EAServer Manager

EAServer Manager runs within Sybase Central. Use EAServer Manager to configure EAServer and to define and deploy software components and packages.

EAServer must be running before Sybase Central can connect to it.

To use EAServer Manager, you must be the jagadmin user or belong to the Admin role. If you are connecting for the first time, use jagadmin as the user name and leave the password blank. For additional security, you can establish a password for the jagadmin user. See “Administration password and OS authentication”.

For additional information on EAServer administrative privileges, see Chapter 13, “Security Configuration Tasks,” in the EAServer Security Administration and Programming Guide.

Starting EAServer Manager

EAServer Manager is a plug-in for Sybase Central. You must start Sybase Central first, then connect to EAServer Manager from within it.

StepsStarting Sybase Central in UNIX

  1. Edit the $JAGUAR/bin/ shell script. Change the JAGUAR variable to the EAServer home directory.

  2. Enter:


StepsStarting Sybase Central in Windows

  1. Double-click the EAServer Manager icon in the EAServer program window, or select Start | Programs | Sybase | EAServer 5.2 | EAServer Manager.

Once the Sybase Central window appears, you can connect to EAServer Manager. EAServer Manager logs errors and other messages to the $JAGUAR/bin/jagmgr.log file.

StepsConnecting to EAServer Manager

  1. Select Tools | Connect

  2. On the Login window, enter jagadmin as the user name. Verify the host name or IP address, and the EAServer port number, and click Connect. The machine name or IP address and port number correspond to the EAServer host entry and IIOP port number defined in the listener.

Disconnecting from EAServer

Sybase Central allows you to disconnect EAServer Manager from a server so that you can connect to another server, or reconnect to the same server, without restarting EAServer Manager.

StepsDisconnecting from a server

  1. Select Tools | Disconnect.

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