Understanding load balancing  Configuring load balancing

Chapter 7: Load Balancing, Failover, and Component Availability

Understanding high availability

High availability provides access to your business components and services even if a server is unavailable.

You can use clusters to achieve high availability if:

To guarantee end-to-end high availability, clients should use URLs of the form “iiop://host1:9000;iiop://host2:9000;...” when doing any of the activities listed below.

In the first three cases, the client's URL list should be the cluster’s server list, or a subset of that list.

This ensures that no part of a client’s initialization is limited to a single point of failure.

NoteYou can support non-EAServer clients (that do not support the EAServer-proprietary multiple URL form) by creating an EAServer service component that, upon server start-up, writes a file containing the stringified IOR for a multiserver URL. This IOR file can then be read by any client using an HTTP connection.

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