Chapter 8: Setting up the Message Service  Adding and configuring the message service parts

Chapter 8: Setting up the Message Service

Configuring the message service

Before you can use the message service to send and receive messages, you must configure the service and install the message service parts. Once you configure the message service, it is available to every server that you create.

EAServer includes an ASA database, which is used to store the message service configuration information. To use an Oracle database instead:

  1. Change to the EAServer Repository/Component/CtsComponents directory.

  2. Copy to MessageServiceConfig.props.

  3. Follow the instructions in “Using the Configure Message Service wizard.”

StepsUsing the Configure Message Service wizard

You can enable the message service and configure the connection cache properties using the Configure Message Service wizard.

  1. In EAServer Manager, highlight the Message Service folder, and select File | Configure Message Service.

    Or, if you double-click the Message Service folder, a message box asks if you want to configure the message service. To start the wizard, select Yes.

  2. Select the server for which you want to configure the message service, and choose Next.

    NoteThe wizard adds “CtsComponents/MessageService” to the property in the /Repository/Server/<server_name>.props file. Once you have configured the message service, you can enable it for another server either by adding this value to the server’s .props file, or by using the wizard.

  3. Enter a connection cache name or select one from the list, and click Next.

    By default, the message service uses the preconfigured JavaCache. If you change the message service cache, set it to the name of a JDBC connection cache that allows cache-by-name access.

    If you configure the message service to use JavaCache, start the jagdemo database using either start_sampledb (UNIX) or jagdemo.bat (Windows); both are located in the EAServer bin subdirectory.

    NoteDo not use sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver as the database driver for your message service connection cache. This driver does not work correctly when accessing binary column data.

    If you are using a Sybase ASA or Adaptive Server Enterprise database, set these values:

    • Database Driver – com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver

    • Server Name – jdbc:sybase:Tds:host:2638

  4. Optionally, edit the connection cache properties, and test the connection using ping. You must have a working connection to use the message service.

  5. Select Finish. A message box asks if you want to restart the server. To enable the message service, select Yes.

StepsConfiguring message service cluster, database, and debugging options

  1. If your server is in a cluster, each server in the cluster must share the same database for the message service data and metadata. For information about synchronizing a cluster, see Chapter 6, “Clusters and Synchronization.”

  2. Use a text editor to make these changes to the MessageServiceConfig.props file, located in the EAServer Repository/Component/CtsComponents directory:

  3. Restart EAServer. The message service starts automatically when you start the server.

Configuring the message service to use non-ASCII characters

To store, retrieve, and display non-ASCII text correctly when using the message service database, you must do one of the following:

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